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School News

  • Summer Communication with WHMS School Counselors

    The Wisconsin Hills Middle School counselors can be contacted throughout the summer via e-mail or through communication with the principal’s summer secretary (Laurie Horne at 262-785-3960). If your need is urgent, please call our summer secretary who will contact the appropriate school counselor. The school counselors will be available on Wednesday, August 14th during Registration at WHMS. Your questions and concerns are very important to us at Wisconsin Hills. If you need an immediate response to your question, please contact us via our summer secretary at (262)785-3960.

    Margo Blomquist 8th Grade School Counselor

    Janet Holt 6th Grade School Counselor

    Debbie Stear 7th Grade School Counselor


    We will be responding to parent needs from home via email as they arise and will also be available by appointment throughout the summer.


    In addition to Registration Day (8/14/13), School Counselors will be available at WHMS on:

    Margo Blomquist, 8th Grade Counselor

    Tuesday, August 13, 2013        9-1
    Monday, August 19, 2013         9-1
    Tuesday, August 20, 2013        9-1

    Janet Holt, 6th Grade Counselor

    Monday, August 5, 2013          9-1
    Thursday, August 15, 2013      9-1
    Friday, August 16, 2013          9-1

    Debbie Stear, 7th Grade Counselor

    Tuesday, August 13, 2013      9-1
    Tuesday, August 20, 2013      9-1
    Thursday, August 22, 2013     9-1

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. When is registration?
    Wednesday, August 14, 2013

    2. Where can I find the Planning Guide to get information on electives and course selection?
    Registration information can be found in the main office with Laurie Horne, our Summer Secretary.


    3. What do I do if my child picks up his schedule and he would like to change something after registration?
    If you have concerns about your child’s schedule after registration or are seeking a schedule change, please complete a Course Change Request Form and return it to the main office for processing by your child’s counselor. Course Change Request Forms may be found on our WHMS homepage. Forms are located on the Guidance Link which is under the Contact Us Tab or they may be picked up in the main office. After registration, the Course Change Request Forms will be reviewed regularly and changes will be made if possible. Once forms have been reviewed/changes have been made, you will receive a phone call or an e-mail stating that your child’s new schedule is available on Infinite Campus.

    4. When will my child get his schedule/house assignment?
    Your child will get his schedule and house assignment at registration on Wednesday, August 14, 2013.

    5. When will my child get his bus route?
    Representatives from the bus company will be available at registration on Wednesday, August 14th to provide you with your child’s route information.

    6. When will my child get his locker shelves?
    Sixth graders and new students to WHMS will get their locker shelves at Registration on August 14th. Seventh and eighth graders should use the same locker shelves that they have used in previous years.

    7. When will my child get their locks?
    Sixth graders and new students to WHMS will get two locks at Registration on August 14th. One lock is for their hall locker and one lock is for their gym locker. Both locks have the same combination. Seventh and Eighth graders should use the same locks that they have used in previous years. If new locks are needed, you may purchase them at registration.

    8. When can my child bring in his school supplies and set up his locker?
    Dates and times stating when the building will be open for locker setup will be posted on our website and in the main office.

    9. When is the first day of school?
    The first day of school is Tuesday, September 3, 2013.

    10. We are new to the district. What do we need to be aware of?
    We will have a new student orientation on Registration Day, August 14th. After you have enrolled in the district, you will receive information regarding the location and time of this event.

    11. Is there anyone at WHMS over the summer to help me if I have questions or concerns?
    Our summer secretary, Laurie Horne, is available at 262-785-3960 to answer your questions or to direct you to your child’s school counselor.

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  • Student of the Month Announced

    Twenty one students are nominated each month for the Stir Crazy Student of the Month and from those nominees, Mrs. Martino draws one name to win the Stir Crazy Prize! Students are nominated for being good school citizens, doing their best work, and living up to the standards of our Hills Pride!

    Each winner received a $100 gift certificate to Stir Crazy and $100 in American Express money to use as they wish!

    Congratulations to the following winners:

    April Student of the Month Ananya Rajaraman

    May Student of the Month Heather

    6/6/2013 1:17 PMPosted by: Kristine Gostomski
  • WHMS Extreme Extravaganza

    Extreme Extravaganza was held on May 23rd at WHMS.  The students enjoyed the day!  Here are pictures from this event.


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  • Latin News

    Recently, our Wisconsin Hills Latin students participated in a Latin competition held at Brookfield Academy for middle schools students. This annual event consists of Latin knowledge exams and kids also participate in a certamen (team competition) as a fun way to demonstrate academic ability to win in these competitive games.

    Congratulations to Brian Li, one of our eighth grade students! Brian won 3rd place in the Latin Grammar Exam. Our middle school students will have the opportunity to participate in the Brookfield Academy competition again next year, we look forward to this annual event! Next year in high school, the Latin students will continue in the certamen tradition by participating in the Junior Classical League State Competition in Madison.

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  • Stir Crazy Students of the Month Announced

    Twenty one students are nominated each month for the Stir Crazy Student of the Month and from those nominees, Mrs. Martino draws one name to win the Stir Crazy Prize! Students are nominated for being good school citizens, doing their best work, and living up to the standards of our Hills Pride!

    Each winner received a $100 gift certificate to Stir Crazy and $100 in American Express money to use as he wishes!

    Congratulations to the following winners:

    January, 2013 Winner Alyssa Eske


    February, 2013 Winner Shayna Seegert


    March, 2013 Winner Zachary Heckman

    5/20/2013 10:56 AMPosted by: Kristine Gostomski
  • 6th Grade Run/Walk for Lung Health

    The ninth annual "3K Walk/Run for Kids' Lung Health" at WHMS, which was co-sponsored by the Chest Foundation and Wisconsin Hills Middle School's PTO, was a huge success!
    After all the rain during the morning until right before the walk/run, we finally got almost perfect weather during the event. Sixth grade students received a presentation on lung health and the harmful effects of tobacco followed by a 3K Walk/Run with an enthusiastic group of more than 300 participants.

    Each student received a red "Love Your Lungs" wrist band as a reward for their participation and a reminder of the importance of lung health, and a booklet "Tips for Teens: Tobacco," provide by the police department.

    This event was made possible by the help and support of many people: Mrs. Monir Almassi, The Chest Foundation, American College of Chest Physicians, WHMS PTO, Brookfield and Town of Brookfield Police Departments, Parent Volunteers, BCHS senior, Abbie Taylor, and UWM music students!


    5/20/2013 8:02 AMPosted by: Kristine Gostomski
  • WHMS Students Among the Top Math Competitors in the Mathematics League of Wisconsin

    For many years, Wisconsin Hills Middle School students have participated in a statewide mathematics contest. The Math League of Wisconsin offers different competitions for Grades 4 through 8, Algebra 1 students, and high school students. Contest questions are designed to cover a range of challenging mathematical concepts and skills for individual grade levels. The 2013 contest results have recently been posted, and we are proud to announce that Wisconsin Hills Middle School has taken first place in both 6th and 7th grade statewide, and 8th grade tied for fourth place. Each grade level has anywhere between 60 to 75 schools participating across the state. Not only did our grade levels exceed in the contest, but individual students also surpassed their statewide competitors. Katherine Lui, 6th grade, obtained a perfect score and took 1st place as an individual for all 6th graders. Sophia Sun, 7th grade, also took 1st place as an individual for all 7th graders. Brian Li, 8th grade, finished at the top for Hills placing 4th statewide. Other students who placed in the top ten were Bonnie Jin (6th grade), Sabrina Huang (6th grade), Aparna Jayashankar (7th grade), Joey Cain (7th grade), Zachary Sekaran (7th grade), and Tinglin Shi (7th grade). Congratulations to all of our students on a fantastic job!! To see the full results, please access the following link:

    5/19/2013 6:59 PMPosted by: Kristine Gostomski
  • RUN FOR THE HILLS: A Huge Success!

    This past Sunday, 487 participants gathered at Mitchell Park for the much anticipated Run for the Hills annual PTO fundraiser. Parent volunteers, community members, and our local businesses work collectively to make this event fun and successful. A featured favorite is the mascot race, this year featuring over 23 local mascots who race to the finish as the audience cheers on the Wisconsin Hills Wildcat (or their favorite “other” mascot)! Families from around the local community joined together to enjoy this event, while raising over $8,000 for the WHMS PTO. Special thanks to all who participated and to the cadre of volunteers for the many hours of work on behalf of the school! Go Wildcats!!!!

    5/2/2013 1:41 PMPosted by: Kristine Gostomski
  • Congratulations Mrs. McGinn!

    Congratulations to Mrs. Betsy McGinn who was selected by Abigail Susko as her most Influential Educator. The top fifteen graduating seniors from both Brookfield Central and East are invited by the Elmbrook Education Foundation to select their most influential educator. Abigail was a student in Mrs. McGinn's algebra class during middle school. Abigail appreciated the study skills and work ethic that Mrs. McGinn instilled in her and further indicated that this inspirational start to her love of math afforded her the successful completion of calculus III. This foundation combined with her hard work will guide Abigail as she pursues her love of math and science in the area of engineering. Congratulations to Mrs. McGinn on this well-deserved recognition! Her contagious spirit and enthusiasm inspire all of her students to do their best work and set them up for future success!

    Additionally, we would like to recognize Jane Peavler for her efforts to spear-head and champion this event in collaboration with the Elmbrook Education Foundation, school PTO’s, and several private donors. Thank you, Jane, for your vision and leadership!

    4/30/2013 11:41 AMPosted by: Kristine Gostomski
  • State WSMA Solo & Ensemble Results

    The Wisconsin School Music Association's STATE level of music contest was held this past Saturday at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee Campus.  Twenty three WHMS music events participated at this contest.  Here are the results:

    Thirteen events received a "SECOND" rating.  Those events and students are:

    Alto Sax solo - Nick Urban

    Violin Solo's - Ahmed Ali, Vivian Jiang, Sophia Sun, William Pan, Aparna Jayashankar

    Piano Solo - Aparna Jayashankar

    Violin Duet's - Sophia Sun & Kajal Khatri, Evelyn Doan & Aparna Jayashankar, Anna Sorenson & Vivian Jiang, William Pan & Ahmed Ali,

    Violin Trio's - Jessi Garcia/Faith Xiong/Gabriela Vazquez with Rebecca Yi accompanying on cello.

    Evelyn Doan/Alice Zheng/Sophia Sun with Zach Sekeran accompanying on cello.

    Ten events received a "FIRST" rating.  Those events and students are:

    Jazz Woodwind improve solo and Tenor Sax solo - Cameron Rao

    Trombone Solo - Sam Amore

    Violin Solo’s - Eric Chen, Alice Zheng, Anna Sorenson

    Cello solo – Rebecca Yi

    Piano solo – Sofia Sun

    Violin Duet – Alice Zheng & Dean Zheng

    Violin Choir – Aparna Jayashankar, Vivian Jiang, Anna Sorenson, Sophia Sun, William Pan, Eric Chen, Ahmed Ali.

    Congratulations to all students that participated!!

    4/29/2013 10:52 AMPosted by: Kristine Gostomski
  • Odyssey of the Mind Goes to State Competition

    On Saturday, April 13th, WHMS students traveled to Madison to compete in the State Odyssey of the Mind Competition. WHMS had four teams attend. The teams are as follows:

    Team One: This group of 7th graders worked for 6 months solving the problem titled “The E-Mail Must Go Through”. Team members include Henning Mahn, Adam Nygard, Sophia Sun, Jack Sonsalla, Harrison Chen, Sasha Semina and Jack Otto. They won 2nd place in State Congratulations to these students and their coaches Elaine Mahn and Neal Nygard. Great job!

    Team Two: This team competed in the Division II (middle school) Tumblewood problem that required the teams to build a 15 gram, 8 inch high structure only using balsa wood and glue. There were nine Teams in the division from across the state. The structure had to travel a required distance down a ramp and then hold as much weight as possible (using a weight tester on which weights were added). The Wisconsin Hills Team's structure traveled the required 18 inches and also held 75 pounds. Thanks to the use of the scale – the Teams structure weighed 14.87 grams out a maximum 15.0 grams. The judge at weigh-in told the Team they were one of the closest to the 15.0 weight (the Team was weighing their structure on a regular basis). The team members include Kennidy Reid , Katie Delwiche, Mackenzie Reid, and Lauren Langeberg. The team took third place at the state wide Odyssey of the Mind competition in Madison. They would like to thank Mr. Oelstrom and Mrs. Shryock for their help. Congratulations!

    Team Three: Team members include Nate Verhagen, Kiley Smith, Chris Post, Jack Steffen, Molly Nemcek, Katie Matus and Megan Moretti. This team placed 6th in their category. Good work!

    Team Four: This team consisted of Nick Herrera, Josh Dobias, Eli Karian, Ben Tan, Spencer Linneman and Andrew Kim.  These students placed 8th.  Way to go!

    We are very proud of our Odyssey of the Mind teams. Good job everyone!



    4/25/2013 7:07 AMPosted by: Kristine Gostomski
  • Art Department News!

    The Art Department would like to thank all of the students who were selected to participate in the 45th annual Young People’s Art Exhibit, at State Fair.  The judges had an extremely difficult time selecting the winners from over 460 creative pieces submitted. The WHMS Art department selected and entered 14 works of art from our students.

    We would like to congratulate everyone for their participation, and the winners are:

    From 6th grade:
    Brandon Cimbalnik won 1st place, and a prize of $50.00, for his “Scary Dude Mask”.

    From 7th Grade:
    Alena Huang won 2nd place, and a prize of $40.00, for her “Cheetah”.

    From 8th Grade:
    Kiley Smith won 2nd place, and a prize of $40.00, for her “Self Portrait”.

    Michelle Liang received the “Young People’s Art Exhibit Best of Show Award”, for her “Self Portrait”.  Michelle will also receive a $100.00 cash prize, for this award, which positively reflects the youth of the state.

    Again thank you and congratulations to all who worked so hard on making it to the State fair!
    All work that was submitted will be on display in the Expo Center Lobby during the Wisconsin State Fair, August 1st through the 11th.

    4/24/2013 10:02 AMPosted by: Kristine Gostomski
  • Band/Jazz Ensemble Award Winners Announced

    Each year deserving 8th grade Band and Jazz Ensemble members are given special awards.  Award receipients were announced at the Spring concert which was held on Tuesday, 4/16.  This year's winners are:

    Kevin Peavler- Jazz Excellence Award

    Nick Urban- Outstanding Leadership Award

    Sam Amore- Outstanding Musicianship Award

    Kate Valdes- Outstanding Musicianship Award



    4/17/2013 9:28 AMPosted by: Kristine Gostomski
  • Menger Sponge - What is it?

    Have you heard of a Menger Sponge? No, it’s not a high level cleaning tool but a visual mathematical concept. Upon completion it looks like a house-of-cards structure or an elaborate origami project. Our 8th grade Gamma math students had a wonderful opportunity to learn from Dr. Roxanne Back from Mount Mary College in creating a Menger Sponge.

    A Menger Sponge is a 3-dimensional creation that explains the concept of surface area increasing while volume is decreasing. How is that possible you ask? That is what the students learned. This project is connected to the learning of “fractals” in geometry, exponential functions in algebra, and sequences in pre-algebra. Student collaboration, problem solving and perseverance are also needed in order to complete the project.

    Through a series of folds and repeated patterns, the students were able to build cubes. Dr. Back brought business cards donated by Milwaukee and Waukesha area businesses for the students to create the cubes necessary for a Menger Sponge. As they put together the outer cubes, the cubes in the very center are removed. This is a level-1 Menger Sponge. The students worked all day, during their lunch and their STP in order to complete the project. Here are some pictures of the students hard at work, utilizing their math skills, while creating their cubes and putting together the Menger Sponge. The completed Menger Sponge will be on display at Discovery World sometime after April. If you have some time, go see the students’ mathematical creation!!

    4/15/2013 9:27 AMPosted by: Kristine Gostomski
  • March Madness!

    3/27/2013 11:26 AMPosted by: Kristine Gostomski

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